There are many factors to check before installing the ShockStop, such as what type of handlebar you have.

The ShockStop is pre-installed at +6 with a 60/70 elastomer combination. Please refer to our Instructions sheet under "Selecting Elastomers" to see if this is the recommended elastomer set up for you (Instructions can be found on the ShockStop page of the website under tab "Instructions"). If it is, then the short answer is yes! The ShockStop is ready to go and can be installed on your bike as is. 

If it still feels too stiff when you are riding, adjust the elastomers to a softer setting. There is no correct setup - it varies from customer to customer as to what your preference is. We also sell Replacement Elastomer Sets if you want to try a different combination. 

If you do decide to switch out the elastomers, please read the instructions carefully as to not cross-thread the pre-load bolt. You can watch the installation video under the "Instructions" tab on the ShockStop page of our website.