When it comes to adding the loop to your Kitchen Sink Handlebars it's all about your goals and your riding style! 

The loop can come in handy for a multitude of reasons. The most obvious advantage to having the loop is that it adds an alternative aerodynamic riding position. This can give you a much-needed break from riding in the drops or on the hoods. The loop also provides various mounting spots for your lights,  computers, or even bags! Speaking of bags, the loop can come in handy to help attach and stabilize larges bags(bikepacking anyone?)! As you can see, it has many different uses which is why it is such a great addition to our "Kitchen Sink" Handlebar.

If you aren't looking for any of the above and want something comfortable but on the lighter side then the standard Kitchen Sink Bars may be the perfect option for you! You still get the comfort from the added rise and extra flare but in a slightly lighter package. 

Check either one out here