There are quite a few design differences that make the Pro Seatpost unique. The main and most obvious difference is that the Pro no longer relies on internal springs to create the suspension, it uses elastomers much like our Shockstop Suspension Stem. This change has drastically reduced the weight of the Pro Shockstop Seatpost by roughly 130 grams over the standard! 

The use of elastomers in the Pro Seatpost does shorten the travel from 35mm down to 20mm.  Despite this reduction in travel, the Pro can still handle a large variety of bumpy rough terrain. The elastomers provide a progressive spring rate that lets the suspension work effortlessly to absorb the buzz, that is the "background noise" of gravel riding, while still providing a firm foundation to maximize the power delivered to the pedals. Because of this progressive spring rate of the elastomers, the Pro Seatpost doesn't need to have the preload tuned for your weight like the standard Seatpost. It really is a maintenance-free, "set it and forget it" option. If you are looking for something more refined and 'race-tuned' the Pro is for you! 

The standard Shockstop Suspension Seatpost is the workhorse and allrounder of our Seatpost lineup! It has the most amount of travel for some of the roughest roads out there. The ability to adjust the preload and swap springs makes the Standard Shockstop a great choice for someone that wants to dial in the perfect feel. It's a great option for any bike and most types of riders from your leisurely rider to the commuter or even the serious gravel racer! 

Check out the Standard Shockstop here and the Pro Shockstop here!