Often times we are asked if the the ShockStop Stem and ShockStop Seatpost have lock-outs that a user can initiate to prevent motion. Neither the stem nor the seatpost have a lock-out feature and because of how they are designed they don't need one.

Both the stem and the seatpost have adjustable pre-load - this means you can dial in the exact stiffness and feel that you want. This also means that you can set them up to provide just the right movement for you. Because of the pre-load, the stem and seatpost will not start moving until you reach a threshold amount of load. So, under normal riding you won't feel the stem or post move unless you encounter rough terrain. In addition, the limited travel (15-20mm on the stem and 35mm on the seatpost) means that your hand position or leg extension does not change much at all even when the suspension is active.

Both the stem and seatpost offer very natural movement - meaning that after just a few rides you might not even notice them unless you hit some big bumps. Some people are concerned that constant motion would be undesirable or get in the way of climbing/sprinting or pedaling but because the stem and seatpost have such transparent movement and are pre-loaded this is just not an issue.