Absolutely - We designed the standard ShockStop Suspension Seatpost so that you can adjust it to perfectly match your weight and riding style. We are able to cover the full range of weights with two springs, an inner spring and an outer spring, both of which will come with the Seatpost. Together, the stiffness and preload allow you to dial in the feel to your exact preference. 

The standard outer spring will accommodate the majority of riders. The 2nd spring, which nests inside the outer spring, can be added to get an even stiffer suspension feel.  Once the spring choice is made, the pre-load plug at the bottom of the seatpost can be turned to fine-tune the initial compression and ride feel. 

We will be providing simple guidance on springs and pre-load settings for different rider sizes within the instructions that come with the Seatpost.

The Pro Shockstop Suspension Seatpost has a slightly different design. To find more information on the Pro Shockstop Seatpost adjustability click here